Directions For Patient Portal Set-Up


After reading the directions, please click the Patient Portal button at the bottom of this page to begin patient portal set-up.

1.)  Click Register Now on the top Right Corner of the Patient Portal Home Page. Figure 1


2.)  Fill out information on the Register Now page including the email that was used to receive the patient portal invite request. ( Figure 2)

   a. Patient Name : ( Last, First)

   b. mail : ( Registered with Practice )

   c. Password : (Must be at least 8 characters long and contain one capital letter, number and

      special character.)

   d. Confirm Password:( retype password)

   e. Security Question

   f. Security Answer



3.  Enter at least one of the following items to confirm your identity and activate your account ( Figure 3)

a.)  Birthdate (MM/DD/YYYY)

b.)  Social Security ( Last four digits only)

c.)  Account Number ( Refer to Your Most Current Statement)

e.)  Click on the box stating , “I agree to the terms and conditions

f.)  Last but not least click the Register Box. (Figure 3)


Click the button, below, to begin Patient Portal Set-Up.